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Grace for all Nations Ministries


A member of SWEEP International Logo

Vision / Mission:

The Vision of Grace For All Nations Ministries is to fulfill the mandate GOD has given, to share the love of Jesus and the power of His grace with those who need deliverance, healing, hope and redemption. The focus is teaching the Word of GOD, and training, thereby empowering others to walk in victory, and to equip people to become ministers of Grace and effective leaders in their own environment, thereby answering the mandate form Christ to make disciples and build the Kingdom of GOD.

Practical ways of doing this, is through teaching the Word of GOD on weekly basis and through our ‘4LIFE- Training’ division, helping people to develop necessary life-skills  based on the word of GOD empowering other’s for better quality living, offering trauma councilling when needed, hosting seminars, weekend camps, and by hosting People/Women of Purpose Conferences focusing on how to build and develop strong, godly, and secure relationships.

GFAN focuses on building understanding of how to deal with the issues and expectations of our own hearts, affecting the quality of our lives and dealing with thought life that determines the outcome and direction of our lives.








4LIFE-TRAINING – a Division of GFAN Ministries.

We have developed life-changing courses focused on developing the mind to receive new knowledge, truth and concepts based on the Word of GOD, whereby you will become better equipped to make wiser decisions, empowering you to live a more consistent, fulfilled life and learn to apply the truths in GOD’s Word to give you the foundation to live life victoriously. All believes are issues of the heart of man. These training courses are developed to help you live life to the utmost and train you to deal with your thought life; thereby influencing your heart and giving new options to greatness and joy, because thinking patterns influences the emotions and spiritual wellbeing of man. Get trained to think “LIFE” and change the shape of your world today. As you are today, you will live tomorrow.

History / Prophetic Word:

GRACE FOR ALL NATIONS MINISTRIES is a registered, non-denominational, international ministry, based in the Republic of South-Africa, under leadership of the founder Zelda-Lyn Haggard.  She received her call from God at a young age and her heart and life have been touched by the power of God’s grace and healing. She received her salvation at the young age of 3 years,  through an encounter with GOD that set her heart on course for life. This empowered her to endure many setbacks, abuse and life threatening situations.  These experiences in the hand of GOD made her an effective vessel of compassion and channel for ministry to the lost and broken.

Zelda-Lyn is an acting trauma – councilor working in maximum- security prisons, with training in Criminal- law concerning Violence against women and children, juvenile delinquents, perpetrators of violent crimes, criminal profiling and psychology training in dealing with abnormal behaviours.

Zelda-Lyn has a strong prophetic and teaching ministry. She has been in ministry for over 35 years, sharing the gospel and nursing the broken-hearted. She has a deep desire to worship God and see His people liberated. She firmly believes encouragement is the language of love that releases people to believe, have faith and to experience hope.

Contact Information:

  • Name & Surname:

Zelda-Lyn Haggard

  • E-mail Address:

  • Area/Address:

Po Box 635




Contact numbers: +27 82 47 48 406   /   +27 83 38 25 913